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Professional Roof Cleaning of Tile & Metal Roofs

Our expert roofers have a great deal of experience with cleaning all types of roofs and are considered to provide one of the best roof cleaning services in the area. They can clean metal roofs, synthetic and tile roofs. A neglected and dirty roof can negatively affect the look and safety of your property. Our team will help to minimise any negative impact that a dirty roof may cause while greatly improving the external look of your property.

There are many variables that may affect the pricing of your roof clean. The overall size and complexity play a major role in determining cost. Other variables such as the pitch of the roof or a very high roof that may need safety rail and equipment can also affect the cost.

It is best to get a free inspection and quote to determine an accurate price.

The most effective and commonly used method for roof cleaning is by using a high powered pressure cleaner. In the majority of cases this is enough to lift any grime, dirt, mold or algae that may have built up.


On the odd occasion, the build-up on the roof may be too stubborn for a high powered wash. In this case, chemicals are used to assist. This is often called soft washing. These chemicals help to break up stubborn marks.


The roof cleaning process can be a hazardous one and wet roofs are very slippery. Our team is professionally trained for these situations and use all of the necessary safety equipment required for each job.


Depending on the age of the roof the high pressured cleaner may cause damage to older and more worn mortar which will need to be replaced. Our team will be able to tell you if this will be the case when they conduct the roof inspection.


During the cleaning process damaged or loose tiles may also be found. During the cleaning process, if our team detect any other possible problems they will create a report for you to outline any repairs that are recommended.


Our Roof Cleaning Benefits Include

Remove moss, dirt, lichen and algae from your roof
Assist in increasing the lifespan of your roof
Identify and report any potential roof issues
Restore the look of your roof and home

The team is headed by Douglas Lovegrove who has over 15 years of roof cleaning experience

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